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Canmark's technological expertise with all aspects of data capture and analysis and in-house programming talent allow us to analyze customer needs, and design and implement practical and cost-effective business solutions for a variety of data-intensive problems. Our customers return to us for project after project because we make their job easier and contribute to their projects in ways they did not anticipate.
Gad Goldman
Founder & President
Gad Goldman: Founder, President, Chief Operating Officer
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Canmark Technologies was founded when Paul Isaacs went searching for a data scanning solution to meet the needs of researchers in the medical and mental health field. Finding nothing that fit the bill for scanning user friendly questionnaires that allowed a variety of response types, he teamed up with Gad Goldman to design and program the data scanning software that formed the kernel of Canmark's future business. Their innovative software quickly attracted the attention of major market researchers and other business customers and Canmark became an over-night success.
Since 1993, Canmark has combined research design, programming, and technical expertise with thoughtful attention to client needs. Our problem-solving orientation has earned the respect of business clients, market researchers and health researchers across the continent, who were delighted to discover the benefits of customized solutions for their research needs.
Canmark's team of experienced technical experts and project managers offers specialized expertise in design and delivery of paper and web-based surveys, data capture, manipulation, analysis and reporting, and custom programming and software development. Our broad spectrum of analytic and technical skills allow us to leverage superior technology and know-how to support projects of all types and scope in the most cost-effective manner possible.
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Paul Isaacs, PhD: Founder, Consultant
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